Frequently Asked PTO Questions


Why should I join the PTO?

Because as a parent interested in providing the highest quality education for your child, you know that the school district cannot provide all of the “extras” that are essential in creating a well rounded student.  The PTO helps provide the “extras”, but can’t do it without a strong parent base.

What does the PTO do?

The PTO helps organize and fund special programs for the school.  The PTO provides volunteers for the grade level field trips, i.e. Nature Trails and Biztown.  It organizes and provides volunteers for activities such as holiday parties, teacher and staff appreciation, Readers in Action, and many other “extras” the district cannot provide.  With a successful fundraising  program, the PTO is able to provide the school with  cultural arts events (in-house field trips),  technology  and other tools to help in the education of our students.

What do I get for my $10?

You will receive a copy of the Sampson PTO Membership Directory, voting rights as a member of the organization at the general meetings, and the confidence that you are helping provide all Sampson students with “that winning edge”.

If I am a member of the PTO, do I have to volunteer at the school?

Being a member of the PTO does not obligate you to volunteer at the school.  Many parents are unable to attend functions during school hours: therefore, membership in the PTO gives you a way to be involved even if you can’t be there physically!

What are VIPS?

VIPS stands for Volunteers In Public Schools.  When you volunteer at Sampson in any capacity, the school saves money by not having to hire someone to complete that task.  The more you volunteers,  the more programs the school is able to offer.  Anyone can be a VIPS, you do not have to be a member of the PTO to volunteer, but you must be a member to chair a committee or hold a board position.

How do I get involved?

Go to Sampson PTO’s Volunteer Manager and register (see instructions under “How do I enter
or change my information in Volunteer Manager?”)! Check off your areas of interest and
submit the form. You will be contacted by the committee chairs. If you are not called, send the
VIPS Chair an email to see where volunteers are still needed. You can also explore the
volunteer section of our website to see the various opportunities available.

When are the PTO meetings?

PTO Meetings are the 2nd Monday of each month, 9:30 in the cafeteria. Younger children are welcome!

Why should I log my volunteer hours?

Logging hours allows the superintendent to report volunteer hours accurately to the school board and to the community i.e. the chamber of commerce. It allows the district to see which schools are struggling and which ones are striving under their volunteer programs.  PLUS…if you log 100+ hours, you will have a book donated to the school library in your honor.  Cool!

What is considered confidential and why is it important?

As Sampson volunteers, we become trusted members of the school system.  Sometimes, we are privy to information that must be kept confidential.  As volunteers, we may see and hear actions that could reflect a child’s progress.  Names of pupils, teachers and staff, their actions and abilities are never appropriate topics for discussion.  The confidentiality of student records and other legal documents is a very serious matter and should never be discussed. By maintaining confidentiality, we can help provide a great learning environment, for not only our own children, but for all the children at Sampson.  Breaking confidentiality will destroy the trust that the Administration has in our volunteer program.  Every volunteer is required to sign a confidentiality agreement before volunteering.

Can my preschooler accompany me to volunteer at school?

Preschoolers are not allowed in the instructional areas while the students are present, therefore we ask that you make other arrangements for your younger children while you are volunteering.  However, young children are welcome to attend all of our PTO meetings that are held in the cafeteria.

Is there a dress code for volunteers?

Yes. Volunteers need to follow the same dress code as our students.  Length of shorts/skirts should be past your fingertips and no spaghetti straps.  Your apparel should not be a distraction to the students or staff.

If my child is absent, do I need to send a note to school?

Yes-  Students who are absent should submit a written excuse (parent note or doctor’s note) upon returning to school.

What does rainy day dismissal mean?

Sampson has three different types of dismissal.
  Regular Dismissal-  This is our every day dismissal when the weather is normal.  Students can be a bus rider, car rider, walker, or bike rider.  Parents specify their choice on the Sampson Transportation form at the beginning of the school year.
Rainy Day Dismissal-  It is raining outside, but there is no lightning in the area.  Students can still walk or ride their bikes with parent permission on the Sampson Transportation Form.
Inclement Weather Dismissal-  This happens when there are strong winds or thunder and lightning in the area.  Students must ride the bus, be a car rider, or have their parent come to the Parent Pick Up door.  Parent permission is given on the Sampson Transportation Form.

**Parents are notified of a change in dismissal through a Key Communicator e-mail, notification on Facebook, and an e-mail from their child’s teacher.  Decisions about dismissal are not made until 2:40 .


Am I allowed to come eat lunch with my child?

Yes-  Parents, legal guardians, and relatives that are listed on the emergency card may come to have lunch with a student.  Only that student will be allowed to eat at the parent table  with their guest. Groups of students (teams, clubs, etc.) will not be allowed to gather together at the parent table during lunch.  While parents may not bring food for other children, they may provide  food or beverages for their own child’s consumption.

Can I drop my child’s lunch off at the front office if they forget to bring it to school

Yes, but the front office will not deliver lunches to students. Students can stop by the office on their way to the cafeteria to pick up their lunch.  We encourage parents to e-mail their child’s home room
teacher to let him/her know that the lunch is in the front office.

Can I send medicine for my child to take at school?

No–  If medication needs to be administered at school, the medication must be delivered to the school by the parent/guardian.  In addition, parents must transport the medication home.  Students are not permitted to transport or be in possession of any medication  (over the counter or prescription), including cough drops.


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