Box Tops

Box Tops needs two types of volunteers:  Counting and Rewards!

Counting Committee:
Why should I volunteer and what will I be doing?
Box Top Volunteers help the coordinator trim, count, and bag box top coupons while recording each students submission.  We receive hundreds to thousands of box tops monthly.  Box Tops for Education is very specific about how they must be submitted. We enjoy rewarding our students and in order to do so tracking and accurate counting are necessary.  Your help on this committee allows our PTO to earn CASH for our school to be used in the areas determined by the PTO benefiting all our students and staff.

How often will you be contacted?
As a volunteer for Box Tops you  will receive emails monthly giving a date and 2 hour time window where volunteers trim, count and bag box top coupons. The first 6 email responses are confirmed for a specific day and time.   Volunteers meet with scissors in hand to count and visit.

What kind of time commitment is required?
None!  We are flexible on the amount of time you have to help us out.  Often we have a different group every month; some time the same people can come monthly; some can stay the full 2 hours, others need to leave earlier.  We are happy with any amount of time our volunteers can assist us!  Due to the amount of box tops we do not ask volunteers to take box tops home to count on their own.

Rewards Committee:
How often will you be contacted?
Emails are sent out monthly asking for Reward Volunteers to help in the Cafeteria.  Dates are set monthly, usually on a Wednesday, to give our Sampson Stallions rewards for turning in box tops..  We will meet about 8 times a year during all lunches to pass out rewards/prizes to the BOX TOP Submitters.  We do different contests formats each month so lots of kids can “win”.

What will I be doing? 
Volunteers are needed to hand out cookies, ice cream, certificates & monitor the kids eating in special locations. The kids love it!   The Coordinators do all the before hand work but we need help during lunch praising and congratulating our winners!

What kind of time commitment is required?
Again…none consistently….just as you are available. We send out emails asking for volunteers to help pass out awards during lunch periods.  Its fun…you get to see the kids and hand out treats!!!
Come out and help during your Stallions lunchtime.

To volunteer for either area, check the box in Volunteer manager for “Box Tops.”
For more information or if you have any questions, click here to send an email to the committee chairs.

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