Yearbook Co-Chairs:  

Brandy Dykes, Emily McQuiston, Jackie Sheeren


Note: Click on any name above to send them an email or submit a photo(s) for the yearbook.


How do I get my child in the yearbook?

Submit any pictures you take with your child that relates to them going to school at Sampson. This includes first day of school, field day, school projects, etc. It does not include taking a child or group of kids out for an extracurricular activity or just taking them out for fun. Only pictures where they are going to school or are doing something for school should be included.

Best Tip: Submit pictures to the yearbook coordinator within a couple of days of the event for the best chance of being selected for inclusion in the yearbook! Submitting photos on the day of the event are even better. We sometimes have a deadline for the yearbook page right away and have to use the first pictures submitted.

How do I submit photos for the yearbook?

Put your photos on a disk and send it to school clearly marked:

1. Yearbook

2. Teacher name and Grade level

3. Your contact information in case we have problems or questions.

Best option: E-mail the picture directly to the yearbook grade level representatives. You can click on the grade level representative’s name  above to send pictures.

Please do not forget to include:

1. Teacher name and grade level

2. Do NOT compress the pictures. Please only send large format pictures.

What are some good photo taking guidelines?

1. Never, never, never enter a classroom or inside area to take pictures unless you have cleared it with your yearbook grade level rep. The yearbook committee has to have special clearance when taking any pictures. Anyone not scheduled will not be allowed into the school to take pictures(this does not include school events).

2. IMPORTANT: make sure your camera is set on the highest setting. If you send the picture in an email, make sure it is not being compressed. We cannot put anything in the yearbook program under 1000 kb.

3. Do NOT crop pictures. We can crop the pictures in the yearbook to suit the needs of that yearbook page.

Examples of pictures that work well in the yearbook

  •  groups are great if all the kids are looking at the camera.
  • focus on the faces of the kids, etc.

Examples of pictures that DO NOT work in the yearbook

  • too dark and can’t see the kids
  • all the kids aren’t looking – you need a good focal point to look at in the yearbook.
  • file size is too small and is blurry when put in the yearbook.
  •  if the picture is too broad and doesn’t focus on anything, it will not work well – we may be able to crop the picture to work if it is already taken, but try to focus in on kids.

How do I volunteer to be a photographer for the yearbook?

Contact your Yearbook Grade Level Representative and let them know you are interested in being a yearbook photographer.


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